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HTC First with Facebook Home

HTC First with Facebook Home

Mentioned as the world's first smartphone built to feature Facebook Home, the new HTC First enables users to keep updated on their friends’ latest updates right on the home screen. As stated by Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Home is a completely new experience by bringing News Feed ...

Dell XPS 18 AIO: Tablet and Desktop PC in One

Dell XPS 18 AIO: Tablet and Desktop PC in One

This is the newest AIO from DELL. Scheduled to be available in the US and Europe on April 16 with starting price of $899, the XPS 18 is powered by the third-generation Intel Core processors and runs Windows 8 OS. So what is the best selling point of it? ...

Samsung GALAXY S4 Boasts Octa-Core Processor

Samsung GALAXY S4 Boasts Octa-Core Processor

This year will be the hardest seasion to choose the most high-profile smartphone. There so many devices available, to come, and finally to choose. Have you heard about Nexus 5? will it be also the next big thing, it seems everybody says its upcoming device is the next big think. ...

Fashionable Cases for  Galaxy S4

Fashionable Cases for Galaxy S4

I know that you haven't had the Samsung Galaxy S4 yet, but I'm sure you'll be ready when it comes. And I think yu're not alone, Belkin has also anticpated the arrival with its new line of stylish cases. Designed to make 'the next big think' more fashionable, ...

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Abundant praise when Samsung Leave Qualcomm

Samsung efforts to design a flagship smartphone like on Galaxy S6 Edge sweet fruit when it launched Samsung in Barcelona recently. This latest Samsung smartphone surprising to see the champion has a renewal of the design and the brain inside. As is known, has brought a classy metal design and curved double-sided screen when looking at the galaxy s6 Edge.

Looking at Samsung’s latest champion, turned out to be endowed overflowing with praise from users. Although some fans, may be sad because the battery can no longer be replaced well as a microSD slot disappear and a design shown is the improvement of generation Samsung Galaxy S5. It paid off because the design is no longer looks like a toy.


High quality TradeTang electronics with cheap price

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua: a good phone brought into the water, selfie not a good choice

Sony first step for waterproof and dust features have done previously introduced in the series Xperia Z in 2013 ago. Sony appears again with a top class phone that has the ability to withstand dust and water features. This phone is brought into the middle segment to be able to perform tasks basic activity with a fast process on various tasks to make users comfortable to wear and very sufficient of executable tasks. Convenience is not separated from the lack of which is given by Sony, there is little overhaul of pure Android-based mobile phone to KitKat 4.4.2 is not overwhelmed when you make the transition between applications do not run into obstacles, as well as rendering when browsing is not slow.


Jabra WAVE (Red) Mono Bluetooth Headset with A2DP for Streaming

It is so easy to sell my old phone for cash and charity

Whenever there are new cell phones launched with the latest features, some of you (including me) may be tempted in following and struggling in the line queue ordering. So what about the fate of your old mobile phones?

For those of you who have a lot of money may not be a problem with your old mobile, you can save them into your collection or give them to another family member or donate all of your used and unwanted mobile phones to your local organization, school or other place.

But, how about with my device? Do I still want to upgrade and replace with the new one, meanwhile I have no cash enough for shopping new? what should I do with my used cell phone?

After I’m surfing on internet to find how to recycle my used phone for cash, now it is so easy to sell my old phone when you know where to find a reputable recycling site. All you have to do is look online to find a reputable used mobile phone buyer and recycling site. Then you can bid the quotes of the mobile phone with easy to use online tools. Once they receive your package and verify the mobile phone and its condition, they will pay you. Now it’s time to sell your mobile phone to let your phone doesn’t end up in the landfill. You can make extra cash for yourself by your old phone or send them as your favorite charity.

When I decide to sell my mobile phone online, first I do some research to make me feel comfortable with the company. Before shipping the device, I will check for consumer feedback of websites about a particular service and carefully review the terms and conditions. Sometimes some services require extremely quick turnaround times for confirmation or rejection of the offer. And some offer three days after the revised quote is sent to the seller. If you miss the email or you don’t respond, the offer is deemed accepted, regardless of the price quoted.


Dremel ready to build innovative 3D

Here it is a new era of technology and innovative creativity in your home 3D printer from Dremel. Dremel 3D mission is very good for the creativity in making 3D buildings that involves experimentation and persistence in a 3D development process and share to bring your ideas to life.    Continued


Apple Ipod Nano Generation give a better music listening experience

Wow, Apple iPod nano generation build a media that can provide excessive brightness of the overall sound that gives your music experience better than ever. You can even browse by genre or composer, thus making mood when listening to a song you love will be better. Because the album art looks great displayed on a larger screen to keep things different song in your music library.



Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition takes note of the Galaxy Note 4

Browse cyberspace and selecting content with a combination of head movements and touch control is an entirely new experience that you’ve never seen before. Samsung provides a high quality experience with VR Innovator Edition. When you enjoy Samsung Android game controller gamepad or the other, you will feel like a completely new world to explore amazing in games, videos and images.



VIZIO Smart LED HDTV have a image details 4K Ultra HD

Please refer to the details to take full advantage of VIZIO Smart LED TV 55-inch. With crystal-clear window you will be carried away into a new and exhilarating entertainment experience where the image full Array LED provide everything the picture quality. Where a separate color displays on VIZIO series P with an amazing contrast so that the colors are more vivid and sharp.



Sound Bar wireless streaming music speaker

Complete HD television screen with Sound Bar, make the sound of your television into a rich and calmer while improving the sound, so as not to disturb the neighbors and the kids sleep. You will know that the $699 was well spent by Sonos PlayBar TV Sound. You will understand, it works with either a soft sound when you play music, tv programs or movies favorid you.


Samsung ATIV One 5 Style : Feeling more mobile life

Samsung managed to find a way so that you can be more productive with your electronic devices, which together with Samsung ATIV One 5 Style. Metal side with a sleek design provides an elegant color when you optimize the results of experience when it is in your hand. ATIV One 5 Style is the perfect product as a complement to your home computer.    Continued

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaning helping your home clean from allergies

Leave a regular vacuum, it will take more time to maintain the cleanliness of your home. It’s time you let it do its own vacuum to clean the room of your house? iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning a will maintain cleanliness at home without supervision by you. No need to worry about the arrival of the robot vacuum cleaners. You can do other work, no loss when starting the cycle in a clean room with these electronic devices. Even you can read a book, watch TV, cook or abandoned. Because the robot is already familiar with the plan space to be cleaned. Continued

LG SMART LED TV smart brains from 2D into 3D

Say goodbye to some of the remote control that exist in your home. LG Smart TV provides universal control is very good for you, so you do not need to look much different from any other equipment. LG Smart TV looks great can control the playback of home theater, because it has one of the secrets behind it, such as high-definition performance. Even you wish to watch a movie or favorite TV shows on your home is in 3D? LG Smart LED TV has added a new dimension to the usual video into 2D to 3D with images clearer and more consistent at wide viewing angles compared with conventional screens.


Style accessories auto for travel food and drink tray in the car

These accessories can give the beauty of your car when securing food and drinks in the car when traveling. Accessories for auto-style food and drinks in the car tour can eliminate clutter and spills, while keeping things neat and organized. As for securing the junk food ingredients to provide the ultimate comfort for the people in the car, to avoid damage to the seat and floor of your car. You directly open the tray to keep food and drinks that you bring placed you have available.


GoPro Hero: Ready to record in the water

Want to have a camera for just photographing or video recording just like the premium class, you might be confused to choose the camera that is very good and reasonably priced with your pocket. Camera GoPro Hero series right  to own because there is the Quick Capture feature to record video either using the button or not. Because it is sufficient to capture the object with video recording or when photographing unique moments. This camera is capable of taking small-sized objects with sharp or video.


How to Play the Game Subway Surfers

Did you know? Subway Surfers is one of the best games trending on Google Play Store and iStore are able to relieve stress. The aim of this game is to run a single character offenders as far as he could and demanding players to jump or escape from the train approaching the dock, as well as to escape from the inspector and his dog. Continued

Math Formula Wizard helps to know the mathematical formula through smartphone

You’ve done a calculation formula on your phone? of course have never done in your life. Download directly Formula Wizard mathematical formulas and calculations on your Android phone or tablet. It’s free and easy to use! Or is available for free from Play Store is Math Formula Wizard.