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HTC First with Facebook Home

HTC First with Facebook Home

Mentioned as the world's first smartphone built to feature Facebook Home, the new HTC First enables users to keep updated on their friends’ latest updates right on the home screen. As stated by Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Home is a completely new experience by bringing News Feed ...

Dell XPS 18 AIO: Tablet and Desktop PC in One

Dell XPS 18 AIO: Tablet and Desktop PC in One

This is the newest AIO from DELL. Scheduled to be available in the US and Europe on April 16 with starting price of $899, the XPS 18 is powered by the third-generation Intel Core processors and runs Windows 8 OS. So what is the best selling point of it? ...

Samsung GALAXY S4 Boasts Octa-Core Processor

Samsung GALAXY S4 Boasts Octa-Core Processor

This year will be the hardest seasion to choose the most high-profile smartphone. There so many devices available, to come, and finally to choose. Have you heard about Nexus 5? will it be also the next big thing, it seems everybody says its upcoming device is the next big think. ...

Fashionable Cases for  Galaxy S4

Fashionable Cases for Galaxy S4

I know that you haven't had the Samsung Galaxy S4 yet, but I'm sure you'll be ready when it comes. And I think yu're not alone, Belkin has also anticpated the arrival with its new line of stylish cases. Designed to make 'the next big think' more fashionable, ...

HTC One Series (All You Need to Know: Model, Price, And Shipping Date)

Samsung Galaxy S5 interaction with a Gesture-based

Samsung has a new technology in smart phones which give change for users, since Samsung launched its Galaxy series is designed to help you work with larger size and Retina Display makes the web browser and photo viewer which is better, where Samsung brought changes in human lifestyle in doing the work. But the price is still not really friendly on the pocket unless you have deep pockets that seem to recognize greater flexibility. Continued

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Samsung Smart LED TV organizes your entertainment

Today is a giant LED TV era. If you have no experience to explore movies, shows, apps and social media from your room directly, you may almost to be called a man/woman who living on stone era. And today with the intuitive and intelligent Samsung Smart TVs, your family will enjoy everything you love in one place. The Smart Hub organizes your entertainment into 5 panels. Effortlessly navigate through live TV, movies, streaming content, social networks, apps plus games and more.

Jabra WAVE (Red) Mono Bluetooth Headset with A2DP for Streaming

How to use all features on iPad Mini and iPad Air

Nothing’s really changed in the iPad Mini’s form. The iPad Mini’s already been designed to truly do a lot of tasks equally as well as a larger-size iPad, and that Retina Display makes it a better e-reader, Web browser, and photo viewer. It has the same basic compact design as last year, which the iPad Air now also adopts: thin side bezels, a flat back, and a generally wafer-thin, metal-and-glass look. But its price seems to acknowledge its versatility. The Mini is much smaller than a larger iPad, but it’s still not really pocket-friendly unless you have very large, deep pockets.

However, you’re probably here because you’ve already looked past those competing tablets, and have held out for the new iPads. But the most important that you must remember is your tablet will be useful when you knew how to use it. If you want to become proficient at using your iPad, but don’t want to spend hours and hours battling your way through incredibly boring manuals, or perhaps you need to attend incredibly expensive special classes.


What’s new on IObit Advanced SystemCare 7?


Advanced SystemCare 7 greatly enhances registry fix and vulnerability fix with a much higher scanning speed and much deeper scanning comparing to industry peer products. In IObit’s tests, the scanning speed has been enhanced up to 100% faster, and 50% more registries and problems have been detected and solved. What’s more, Advanced SystemCare 7 provides brand new Real-time Protector to protect PC against spyware and other malware in real time with its light yet powerful monitor in the background.



EE Launches UK’s First Superfast 4G with Fibre Broadband

Watch the video above to know how this husband and wife plumbing and bathroom team use 4GEE to get the job done faster during the day, helping free up their evenings! Perhaps you got the same problem like them, by having Clone Phone it gives them peace of mind should they lose or damage their phone.


Pigobo releases App 4 Grabs on Android

UK based Pigobo has announced App 4 Grabs for Android devices. App for grabs is a new way to receive exclusive daily freebies to the palm of your hand. App 4 Grabs serves up 12 great freebies from across the UK each day. Advertisers can benefit too, by submitting their offers for free while the app is still in Beta.



Gadget Choice: How to Know What You Want

In the modern age, there is an unparalleled level of choice when it comes to deciding which gadgets you want and need. From smartphones boasting varying physical dimensions so digital cameras and camcorders with differing resolutions and features, each piece of kit comes with its own set of vocabulary and rules.

To help you choose, here is a quick and easy guide to some of the best features of Toshiba Camcorders to get your gadgets up to speed.

Pistol Grip

For sheer ease of use, a pistol grip camcorder is a fantastic option offering versatility and flexibility at an affordable price. In terms of specific models, the Camileo P100 brings an improved processing feature to proceedings with the ability to share any material with the click of a button.

Featuring 8x Extended zoom as well as 5x Optical zoom, the P100 is perfect for detailed recordings while the Camileo S30, on the other hand, presents an interesting alternative. Coming with a fully HD recording capability and a fast F: 25 lens which allows for recordings in difficult lighting conditions, it’s a strong choice.

The S30′s cousin, the sleek Camileo S40, is undoubtedly the looker of the bunch. Stylish and suave, the S40′s touch screen represents the latest in camcorder technology, retaining a powerful digital zoom and doubling up as a still camera.


A very useful site: OLX

Since you are visiting this site, let’s assume you are someone who uses the internet on a daily basis. And let’s assume that you actually enjoy it and you are good at it, you know what’s out there.

Based on these assumptions, you probably already know about OLX, the next generation of free online classifieds. India classifieds have become a real revolution in the online world. It attracts thousands of buyers and sellers everyday and is making an admirable profit. It is an American company with a worldwide success, and they have not been operating for such a long period of time either.