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Best Buy Officially Launched Buy Back Program


It seems Best Buy did not want to waste the current popular tweet that’s still crowded and has many fans throughout the world, Justin Beiber fever, by starting their campaign “Buy Back program” from tonight’s Big Game commercial featuring star appearances from Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne to give customers take advantage of a special offer to receive the Buy Back Program at no cost when purchasing gear at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile through Saturday, Feb. 12.

Best Buy is waiving its upfront Buy Back Program price from now through Saturday, Feb. 12 on the complete range of consumer electronics covered by the Buy Back Program, including post-paid mobile phones, laptops, netbooks, tablets and televisions. Ordinarily, the cost of the Buy Back Program varies by product category, with protection for any laptop, netbook or tablet, for example, being $69.99.



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