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DARPA wouldn’t Let Troops Trapped without Air Support



Soon ground troops will not be allowed to get lost in a fierce enemy of forest and was trapped for days in a shootout. Full support of air forces to quickly get troops. After introducing an anti-submarine tactic simulator, DARPA back to the innovation project of new military equipments. DARPA and Air Force Research are now working on some troop equipments which allowed soldiers to get full air force supports. This idea came from how its dangerous when the troops get locked in firefights without air support.


So far, radio connections were not sufficient to provide information to the air base, even it can be easily intercepted and ridden by enemies. Soldiers sometimes met a nightmare bureaucratic for contacting air support and even brought them to hell. Therefore, DARPA invites Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Vuzix to support the project and finish the program which is called Persistent Close Air Support, or PCAS.

The program aims to make controller has ability to request and control near-instantaneous airborne fire support. DARPA visualized the controllers are a special triangle helmet like F-16 helmet and an holographic goggles augmented which allowed soldier to contact the plane directly. DARPA gave a contract to Vuzix Corp. for completing augmented reality goggles.



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