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Motorola Still Locked Bootloader of Droid 3 Until Late 2011



Prepare to be disappointed until the end of 2011 for you who have high expectation for the new Motorola Verizon Droid 3 will feature a bootloader. Because based on replies from Motorola supportforums manager who answer a question of forum member about curiosity whether Droid 3 has an unlocked bootloader like the Xoom or not? Matt, the manager said “It does not have an unlocked bootloader”. It means Motorola is still not allowed you to break the original version of Droid 3 and keep the smartphone stick to its Android OS version specifically designed for the device or in Engadget review said that you wouldn’t see the landscape QWERTY slider of Droid 3 is not sporting the new unlockable firmware found on the Xoom.

Via Endgaget
Source: Motorola Support Forum


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