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NEC-CASIO Japan unveils Medias LTE N-04D next week


NEC CASIO Mobile Communications, start from Wednesday 15 Feb 2012, will release its new stylish and slim Android 2.3 Medias LTE N-04D inJapan. MEDIAS LTE N-04D was equipped with high-spec waterproof and dustproof specification corresponds to a service “Xi” next-generation communications and powered by dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 4.3 inch LCD high-definition.

NEC-CASIO Medias LTE N-04D is a large-screen smartphone that corresponds to the service waterproof “Xi” NTT DoCoMo’s next-generation communications. Equipped with dual-core 1.2GHz CPU processing power is high, high-definition liquid crystal display of 4.3 inches, you can enjoy a comfortable beautiful crispy on the big screen and music Web, video, etc. applications. And you don’t have to worry this smartphone will be out of date in the future because this unit is upgradable and is scheduled for upgrading to Android ™ 4.0.

In addition, Wi-Fi tethering feature and can be used as ultra high-speed routers, G-SHOCK by support (Bluetooth ® low energy technology) work function (GB-6900), features such as PC and useful links Bluetooth ® V4.0, can be used in wireless was equipped with many advanced features useful.

NEC-CASIO Medias LTE N-04D also equipped with cameras that enable to shooting instantaneous 8M of about 0.8 seconds boot speed an instant, shooting speed (Madoka about 0.8 seconds interval between shots), the input support “ATOK” + T9 Japanese wise, 1Seg, Osaifu-Keitai ®, basic functions such as infrared communication In addition to the rich, (IPX5 / 8), also supports the feature (IP5X) waterproof and dustproof. Can be used safely in comfort in private business.

Body, the “Advanced” Black is beautiful contrast between the line side of the red color and the motif of the Xi High-gloss black. Was finished to design presence that combines the high quality and advanced nature.

Source: Nec-Casio Mobile

NEC PH1000U: The Sleek 11,000-lumen Digital Projector with OPS


Designed to provide higher quality display on a larger screen size, the new NEC PH1000U digital projector will come to meet the need of corporate, education, house of worship, and retail environments for presentation, video conferencing, or conditions where there is high ambient lighting. Powered by a unique 3-chip 0.96” DLP system, the PH1000U is an 11,000 lumen WUXGA resolution projector featuring a sleek compact design that creates quality, larger-than-life images under virtually any operating condition to take on the most demanding integration projects.